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Snake Saturday Parade NKC

Luck O' the Irish


What started out as a wee celebration in the parking lot of a North Kansas City hotel, the Snake Saturday Parade has grown to become on of the Northland's favorite yearly events.

With their amazing floats, high school bands, and luck of the Irish, the Snake Saturday Parade organizers even donate the parade proceeds to local non-profits. This family friendly celebration all happens on Snake Saturday (the Saturday before St. Patricks Day).

2009 marked the 25th Anniversary of the Snake Saturday Parade.

Snake Saturday 2012
Date and Time: Saturday, March 10th. Parade starts at 11am, rain or shine.

Parade Route: Parade begins at 14th Street and Swift in North Kansas City and continues north to Armour. From Armour, the parade goes East to Howell St. and ends at 18th.

Although the parade is very family orientated, the after-parade party can get a little wild and is not child friendly. Expect lots of fun and green beer at NKC hangouts like Kelso's, Denim and Diamonds, River Aces, Helen's JAS, Paul and Jack's, and The Chip Shot.

For more on Snake Saturday, visit their offical website.

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