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American Royal BBQ


American Royal BBQ:

The American Royal BBQ is one of the nation's biggest and best barbeque competitions that brings grilling teams from across the globe to Kansas City for weekend of grillin' and fun. Teams fire up their grills on Friday and party until dawn (with a watchful eye on what's cooking!) only to race their entries into the judging hall on Saturday. The American Royal is not to be missed on either day--and yes, you can even sample true BBQ perfection.

Location/ Cost:

The American Royal BBQ is held in the parking lots both in, around and behind Kemper Arena. Cost: Tickets are available in advance through the American Royal Website and Ticketmaster. General admission tickets are $17.35(!) (Friday 3pm-1am, Saturday 10am-1pm). Everything is FREE on Sunday (but most of the BBQing is over).

Friday Night Events:

Friday, which is also known as Fanstastic Friday, is THE night to go. The fun starts after the work day ends and teams get their grills going. It's pretty much a non-stop party with barbeque and beer--if you're lucky, schmooze your way into a BBQ team's VIP party (totally do-able) and have the time of your life!

Guide Tip: Many tents are ticketed and for Charity: Road Kill BBQ and Dead Poultry Society are top picks.

Don't miss Dolewite and there is also a great fireworks display on Friday night.


Things get to cookin' on Saturday (9am-11pm)-- it's jam packed with things to do.


The best part of the American Royal is of course, sampling mouth watering BBQ. Years ago, you could walk up to a team, beg for a sample and taste away, but due to Health Department Regs, only teams that are licensed food vendors are able to sell BBQ.

In 2011, the American Royal hosts several vendors who will prepare BBQ for the public. Vendors are housed at the front of the American Royal Building.

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