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Kansas City Fringe Festival


Kansas City Fringe Festival
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KC Fringe Festival:

The Kansas City Fringe Festival is one of the best ways to see some amazing performance art-- and the sixth annual KC Fringe Festival promises not to disappoint.

The fest will be held at various performance venues around Kansas City on July 19th-29th, 2012. The KC Fringe Festival, which includes everything from live theatre, dance, and performance art to visual art, puppetry, storytelling, and fashion is a great celebration of local, regional and national artists.

Check the Kansas City Fringe Festival website for details on venues, performances and ticket info.


The Fringe Festival allows one to see an amazing amount of performance art--be it dance, music, storytelling, or film. The best thing about the fest is that you can plan to see it all in one night, or pick and choose what you'd like to see. It just takes some preplanning. There are shows for all ages, children, mature audiences, and everything in-between.

KC Fringe Fest Top Picks:

There are so many amazing things to see and do at the Fringe Fest, I think it's impossible to see them all.

  • Burlesque & Beggars by Burlesque Downtown Underground at Bolender Center - KC Ballet
  • Can't Aint Nothing But A Four-Letter Word by Malcolm Grissom at The Fishtank
  • The Bar Natasha Reunion Revue by Bar Natasha Singers at Off-Center Theatre - Crown Center
  • The Best of the IFC by Kansas City Independent Filmmaker's Coalition at Screenland
  • INVENTION OF THE MONSTER by Young Wits at KC Lyric Opera

For a complete listing of all performances and showings visit the KC Fringe Festival Performance Listings .

Ticket Info:

Tickets are the most confusing part of the whole KC Fringe Festival. First, you MUST buy a $5 Fringe Fest Button to see ANYTHING.

It's a one time thing, but you must wear your button to everything. The buttons aid with festival expenses for the artists.

Secondly, to see any performances or shows--you must then purchase a ticket (tickets range from $5-10).

Buttons and tickets are available online, at the venues, or at the *Fringe 411* Crown Center Atrium. (411 opens July 20th-29th)

FYI-all ticket proceeds go to the artists/venues. See the 2012 Fringe website for complete details, times, etc. on where to get your tickets.

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