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Let Them Eat Cake!


Kansas City Cake Fest:

The first annual Kansas City Cake Festival is the brainchild of Kansas City’s own Mike Elder, who just so happens to be the three-time undefeated champion of TLC’s “Ultimate Cake Off”. The charity cake fest, which, in cooperation with the “The Whole Person” charity, brings the joy and fun associated with cake making with the recent fascination of TV cake show cakeoffs!

At KC Cake Fest, you will see over 20 of your favorite TV cake chefs compete to create Kansas City-inspired cakes in two separate, good Cake Battles, judged by their celebrity judges. Cake Fest’s panel of judges includes Leigh Grode from TLC’s “Ultimate Cake-Off,” Tony “Tone Tone” Albanese from “Cake Boss”, and many, many, more.

Cake Battles:

On Saturday & Sunday, Four teams of Four Cake Artists go head to head, in two fast-paced, high-energy, entertaining competitions.

Celeb Chef and Demonstrations:

Throughout the day, the celebrity chefs, as well as many local culinary guru’s will be giving free demonstrations on just about everything you ever wanted to learn about sweet confections. For fun, they’ve also added a Cake Dive and Cupcake Chuck! Festival goers can enter a raffle for the chance to “dive” into a beautiful cake filled with cash and prizes.

Have you ever wanted to throw a cupcake at your favorite chef? For a small donation , you can do just that in the “Cupcake Chuck!” And all this fun will be set to the beat of our 1950’s style Rockablilly band, KC’s own Rumblejetts.

What You'll Find at Cake Fest:

There will be all sorts of cool things to do at Cake Fest!

LIVE Cake Battles
Competitions & EXPO
Eat Cake!

For a complete schedule and details, please visit the Kansas City Cake Fest schedule

KC Cake Fest Quick Facts:

What: KC Cake Fest will be held March 3rd and 4th at the KC Convention Center When: Saturday 10am-10pm and Sunday, 10am-9pm Cost: While demonstrations and the cake expo are free, the Cake Battles are on Saturday, 6pm and Sunday, 3pm and cost $40. Benefits: 100% of proceeds benefit the Whole Person

The Whole Person:

The Whole Person is a Kansas City based organization who’s primary goal is to promote empowerment and independence to those with disabilities in the Kansas City Metro area. Whole Person advocates positive changes within the community, increases awareness of disability issues, and promotes the civil rights of people with disabilities. They provide independent living services and other resources as well. As previously mentioned, 100% of the proceeds of Cake Fest go to the Whole Person. For more information on The Whole Person or to volunteer, please visit their website, thewholeperson.org

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