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Kansas City Spring Leaf and Brush Collection


If you're like me, I never know when my spring leaves and yard waste are supposed to be picked up. Usually, I just look to see what my neighbor's are doing, but by then, it's either too early or too late.

If you live in the city limits of Kansas City the curbside collection is easy if you just note a few simple rules (according to the Kansas City Public Works Department).

FYI: Leaves and brush are collected the same day as your trash and recycling.

Important Rules: -A limit of 20 sacks and/or bundles of leaves and brush -Leaves and brush must be in paper sacks (no plastic bags) -You may bundle with string only (no wire allowed) -You may not use duct tape (only masking tape) -No trash allowed 2010 Spring Leaf and Brush Set-Out Schedule:

All sacks and budles must be curbside by 7am.

If you live in the Northland (city limits north of the Missouri River)

Trash Pick Up Day Is/Leaf Pick Up Is:
Monday: April 19th
Tuesday: April 20th
Wednesday: April 21st
Thursday: April 22nd
Friday: April 23rd

If you live in the Urban Core (city limits South of the Missouri River to 63rd Street and west of Blue Ridge Cut Off)

Trash Pick Up Day Is/Leaf Pick Up Is:
Monday: April 5th
Tuesday: April 6th
Wednesday: April 7th
Thursday: April 8th
Friday: April 9th

If you live in South Kansas City (city limits south 63rd Street and East of Blue Ridge Cut-off)
Trash Pick Up Day Is/ Leaf Pick Up Is:
Monday: April 12th
Tuesday: April 13th
Wednesday: April 14th
Thursday: April 15th
Friday: April 16th

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