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Kansas Voter and Poll Information

Kansas Voter and Poll Information


Updated January 30, 2008
In the state of Kansas, you do not need to provide a photo ID during registration, but you must provide some form of identification with your name and address during registration and when you head to the polls.

Accepted Identification Includes:

  • Recent Utility bill with current address
  • Paycheck/ Paystub with SSN and current address
  • Kansas driver's license/non-driver's license issued by the DMV
  • Bank statement
  • Government check or other government document

    To verify your voter registration status, contact your county election officer which may be found at the Offical Website. Kansas Secretary of State

    Where to Vote:
    There are thousands of polling locations throughout the state of Kansas. You may find one closest to you at the Vote Kansas Offical Website.

    Kansas Election Info: For Kansas Election Dates and other information, visit VOTE411's informative election website.

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    Information on how to Register to Vote in Missouri and Kansas.

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