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With growing communities, booming downtown, highly rated school districts and one of the most affordable housing markets in the country--it's easy to see why over 2.2 million residents love to call Kansas City home. Take a closer look at living and working in Kansas City here.
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Jobs and Careers

Looking to find a job in Kansas City, or ready for a career change? Kansas City is home to over 25 Fortune 500 companies and 10 fortune 1000 organizations. So whether you're new to the job market, heading up the corporate ladder, or just simply looking-- Kansas City has a vast and growing job market with career choices for everyone.

Colleges, Universities and Schools

Kansas City is home to over 500 public and private K-12 schools, and everything from trade, technical, and career schools to colleges, art schools and nationally recognized Universities. Start your Kansas City College search here with our comprehensive guides to schools around the Kansas City Metro.

Environment and Recycling

Kansas City was named by 'The Green Guide', as one of the Top 25 Green Cities in the United States in 2007. Want to do your part and help out the Kansas City environment? The easiest way to start the 'go-green' process is by recycling--KC collected approximately 19,000 tons of recyclable material last year according to the KC Public Works Department.

Health and Fitness

Healthy living, fitness and wellness are an essential part to the lives of Kansas Citians. From fitness centers and gyms to yoga and parks--make fitness a part of your KC lifestyle.


From tv, radio, and magazines to blogs, social media and wi-fi, Kansas City is a hub of media fun.

Getting Around Town

With such a vast and sprawling metropolitan area, Kansas City can be difficult to get around. Includes information about airports, roadways, car rental and mass transit to help maneuver around KC.

Voting and Elections

Figuring out how to register to vote, when to vote and exactly where your polling location is can sometimes be a difficult task for many Kansas City residents. Split those tasks among two state lines and numerous counties only leads to the confusion. Check out our up-to-date polling and voting information guides for both Missouri and Kansas.

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