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Country Club Plaza Carriage Rides

See The Lights


Horse drawn carriage rides around the Country Club Plaza delight those young and old throughout the year, but become especially magical during the holiday season as the Plaza Lights illuminate the streets. Lines may sometimes be long, so dress warmly and get some hot chocolate at Starbucks (Nichols and Central) or Latte Land (W. 47th or Jefferson).

Horse drawn carriage rides are provided by two local companies.

KC Carriages

  • Located at the corner of Nichols Road and Pennsylvania (near Burberry)
  • Carriage rides start at 5pm from November 28th to January 11th.
  • Rides start at $50 per two people and are $5-$10 per person there after.
  • Call 816.531.1999 for reservations.

Surrey's of Kansas City

  • Located on the corner of Nichols Road and Wyandotte (on the east side of Halls)
  • Carriage rides start at 6pm (M-F) and Noon-midnight Saturday and Sunday from Thanksgiving through mid-January.
  • Rides range from $50-60 with additional costs per person there after.
  • Call 816.531.2643 for information and reservations.

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