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Suicide Hill Kansas City

Kansas City's Scariest Sledding Hill


When snow falls in Kansas City, one thing is for sure--you are bound to find old and young alike sledding down Brookside's famous Suicide Hill. As the name implies, Suicide Hill isn't for the faint at heart and has been wowing those who dare to sled and slide down it's slippery slope for decades.

Suicide Hill is located at the park between 53rd/54th Street and Brookside Boulevard, on the East side. It's here on most snowy days that you'll find kids of all ages screaming their heads off as they fly down the slopes of Suicide Hill. Whether you are a total daredevil or just want to go for a thrill, different parts of the slope are for different experience levels. Ask any kid with a sled and they'll tell you which paths are the fastest.

Be careful though, Suicide Hill isn't called that for nothing--it has quite the reputation for destroying sleds and toboggans and notorious for throwing people off their sleds. Head down many of Suicide Hills slippery slopes and you'll catch some serious air.

Tips for Suicide Hill:

  • -Get there early, when the snow is still good and it's not too crowded.
  • -Be sure and pick a hill that fits your sledding daredevil level.
  • -Watch for the trees!
  • -Remember: the more people you pile on a toboggan, the faster you will go.
  • -Prepare for your sled to be broken
  • -Bring plenty of hot chocolate and changes of clothes.

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