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Foodies Unite With Food Trucks


Westport Food Truck Festival:

If you haven't heard, the food truck craze took over the streets of the Kansas City metro in the Spring of 2011, with everything from meatballs and cupcakes to organics and Mexican faire. Ohh, and let's not forget Lindsay's trendsetting snow cone Shasta.

Since Kansas City just happens to be foodie central, the Westport Food Truck Festival made their inaugural appearance in July of 2011.

The Backyard at the Beaumont (40th and Westport Road) will once again host a whole lotta food trucks in 2012, the thought being instead of chasing these fast and furious kitchen on wheels around town, they will congregate in one locale and you may sample to your hearts delight.

They've also added the Westport Marketplace this year--which will feature local artists, clothing designers, jewelry makers, vintage re-sale booths, record collectors, and more.

The Westport Food Truck Festival is held Saturday, April 28th from 3-10pm. Entry is $5 and available at the door and those 10 and under are free.

Food Truck Participants:

Listed below are participants as of press time. More could be added and please not that some trucks will be on a scheduled time (which we will list when that info is available).
  • 3 Girls Cupcakes
  • Home Town Market
  • CoffeeCakeKC
  • Cajun Bistro
  • Gary's on the Go BBQ
  • Jerusalem Cafe
  • Good You
  • Grub Tub
  • Kona Ice
  • Holy Crepe!
  • Indios Carbonsitos
  • Los Tules Mexican
  • Smokin' Fresh Streetside BBQ
  • Magical Meatball Tour
  • Nachos Express
  • The Cajun Cabin
  • The Funnel Cake Truck
  • Pocos on the Boulevard

Westport Food Truck Festival Fast Facts:

Where: Backyard at the Beaumont (40th and Westport Road)
When: April 28th, 2012
Cost: $5 entry fee plus cost of food, those 10 and under free
Purchase: At the door

Guide Tip: Be sure and bring some cash, not sure if all trucks will be cc capable and anything can happen!

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