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Crossroads District Walking Tour


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Start Your Tour at Zin
Crossroads District Walking Tour
Photo: MA McNeish-Sharp

The Crossroads District has had a major face lift over the last few years. With the Urban Redevelopment turning run-down buildings into a flourishing art, restaurant, loft and retail district--it's becoming one of the greatest neighborhoods Kansas City has ever had. This neighborhood walking tour takes you to some of the greatest restaurants, galleries and art studios in Kansas City's cultural heart.

Named by many gallery goers and Crossroads regulars as the starting grounds when going to the Crossroads, Zin (900 Main) is an eclectic, contemporary American restaurant where the posh surroundings are as much a work of art as the galleries that surround it. Short for Zinfandel, it has a 115 bottle wine list and with KC Magazine honoring Executive Chef Jeffrey Scott as one of 2006's "Sizzling Hot Chefs"-- it is the perfect place to grab a drink, appetizer or dinner before heading to your next stop.

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