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Kansas City Strip Trolley


Kansas City Strip Trolley Service
Kansas City's lack of public transportation has sometimes put a damper on a night on the town. Hailing a cab or hoping on a bus are not as easy as some of our major metropolitan counterparts.

The Kansas City Transportation group has answered the going out delemma with the introduction of the Kansas City Strip in the Spring of 2010. The KC Strip is a hop-on, hop-off Trolley that will take you to KC's nightlife hotspots.

The party on wheels rolls through town on Friday and Saturday nights from 7pm-3am with stops in Waldo, Brookside, the Plaza, Westport, the Martini Corner, 18th and Vine Jazz District and the Power and Light. You'll find drink and food specials at restaurants and bars along the way-all you'll need is a wristband. Each Trolley also houses a Confession Booth, all of which will be broadcast on thekansascitystrip.com all of which could get very interesting as the evening comes to a close.

Where You'll Find the Trolley:
-Waldo: By the Well or Kennedy's
-BKS: Brooksider
-Plaza: Falloon and Cheesecake Factory
-Westport: Circle drive at Californos/Murray's
-Martini Corner: 31st
-18th and Vine: Blue Room
-P&L: Raglan Road (will vary with Sprint Center events)

Just look for the huge KC Strip flags and there will be an ambassador there to handle all your questions and help you with your journey.

Hot Tip: With your wristband, you'll get free cover and won't have to wait in line at the Power and Light.

KC Strip Trolley Quick Info:

What: KC Strip Trolley Service

When: Friday and Saturday from 7pm-3am
Where: Nightspots throughout the metro
Cost: $15-$35
For more info: Visit thekansascitystrip.com or call 816.512.5555

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