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The Falloon II duplicates the Plaza pickup

Photo: MA McNeish-Sharp

The Bottom Line

The Granfalloon has followed its Plaza counterparts, O’dowd’s and Tomfooleries, and transplanted an exact replica of itself for all of the Northland to enjoy. Lucky for us, we don’t have to stray across the river anymore to be cool. It’s still considered to be Kansas City’s most infamous meet market, and just like the Plaza, you feel the double-take by all the minute you walk through the door. So put on your best duds, get your spray on tan, and be prepared for the Falloon once over.


  • Still the place to meet in KC with a great crowd.
  • Northland location has awesome rooftop patio.
  • Great bar food.


  • Takes a while to get your drinks.


  • Locations:8614 N. Boardwalk (Northland) and 608 Ward Parkway (Plaza)
  • Hours: 11am-1:30am 7 nights a week
  • For Carry Out: 816.587.9292 (BW) and 816.753.7850 (Plaza)

Guide Review - Granfalloon

Tucked away in the Shops at Boardwalk, Falloon did it’s best to replicate its successful Plaza joint. With a nice pool room, TV’s galore, and plenty of Golden T to go around it’s got the same feel as the Ward Parkway joint. Remarkably enough, they must have imported some of their wait staff as well…it still takes some time to get your drinks, so head to the bar if you start to get thirsty. The crowd is pretty much the same too—young 20 something’s looking for the pickup, Desperate Housewives on a girl’s nite out, and the old-school mixed in here and there.

Granfalloon II copied its south of the river menu as well, brining bar food faves and burgers which are just as delicious. Thankfully though, Falloon changed it up and added a posh rooftop deck with full bar, plenty of room and flat screen TV’s to catch up on ESPN. Be careful though—you practically have to climb Everest to get up there, but it’s well worth it. If you don’t feel like making the trek, they also have a nice front patio which is a little more subdued.

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