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O'dowd's Little Dublin

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O'dowd's Little Dublin

O'dowd's on the Plaza

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The Bottom Line

When you walk into either location of O’doud’s Little Dublin you just might think you’ve stumbled into a bar somewhere in the middle of Ireland. Well in fact, you kind of have—this truly authentic Irish pub was sent piece by piece across the pond to land in its first location on the famed Country Club Plaza. Since importing itself to Kansas City in 1996, O’dowd’s has become a favorite Kansas City watering hole where people find it certainly is a “mighty fine day for a Guinness".


  • Authentic Irish Pub makes you feel like you're in Ireland.
  • Both locations have some of the greatest patios in town.
  • Extensive beer, whiskey and cocktail list.


  • Plaza patio gets so packed on Fri-Sat nights you can hardly move.


  • Locations:4742 Pennsylvania Ave (Plaza), 8600 NW Prairie View Rd (Zona Rosa)
  • Hours: Mon-Thurs: 11:00AM-1:30AM, Fri/Sat: 11:00AM-3:00AM and Sunday: 11:00AM-1:30AM
  • Phone: Plaza, 816.561.2700 and Zona Rosa, 816.587.6333

Guide Review - O'dowd's Little Dublin

The luck of the Irish certainly prevails here—O’dowd’s is packed most nights of the week with an impressive list of beer (think Smithwick’s, Beamish, Bass and Harp as well as a host of many other cold brews) and a distinctive array of whisky’s that would impress any Irishman. O’dowd’s also serves up a great sampling of Irish fare—you can’t go wrong with the Dublin Style Corned Beef served with steamed cabbage ($7.59) or the Guinness Beef Boxty (8.95). But by far the best thing on the menu (and my personal fave), is the Dublin Style Fish and Chips ($7.95) which is low on the grease and big on the fish.

Both locations offer patrons a wonderful upstairs patio which most consider to be the best in the city. The Pennsylvania location gives you a great view of the Plaza and its Brush Creek surroundings. The Zona Rosa spot has the biggest patio in the Northland, and overlooks the entrance to the Northland’s newest shopping destination. Both are great places to meet up with friends, grab a pint, or have a bite when the weather turns warm—be sure and get there early because you won’t be able to find a seat after 4pm once the weekend starts.

Don’t forget, O’dowd’s serves up a great host of Live Music Monday through Saturday. Kansas City’s favorite Irishman, Eddie Delahunt, is a staple Wednesday night fave as are others throughout the week. So grab the Irish in you because O’dowd’s gives you 'Cead Mile Failte' (One in a Thousand Welcomes).

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