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Longboards Kansas City

Eating Outside the Box

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In Kansas City you've gotta be a little adventurous. You've gotta step outside the box. I was at a soiree just a few weeks ago and heard my favorite words 'that place is AWESOME' to which another exclaimed 'we eat there ALL THE TIME'!!!!!. With further investigation and the DL from my friend Mitz--this place would happen to be Longboards, a little joint with a Hawaiian theme that's got food to die for. With the explanation that 'It's a wrap place, only better'...that's all I needed.


Longboards is located in a strip mall at 6269 North Oak and trust me, if you blink you might miss it. I've driven by there a million times and looking back I probably thought it was a surf shop. It's across from that big car wash if that helps with your geography. Walking in you get the feeling you've stepped into one of those beach side hang outs in Maui---you've got surf boards, tiki's, and wow, even Hawaiian's. It makes you want to scream Mahalo!

Looking at the menu--you've got 'Cool Style Wraps' ...think Baja Club (with turkey, BLT, and guac), 'Cool Bowls' (salads) and 'Hot Noodle Salads' that have cold noodles with hot goodies loaded on the top. I tried the Thai Bowl with peanut sauce which was a spicy mixture of chicken, rice, roasted veggies and noodles. The rice was overkill, but I'd eat it again. From there Longboards took an idea and ran with it. They've got 'Panini Style Wraps' which are a traditional wrap made to order and then put in a panini maker for a pure blend of perfection. Try the 'Wow! Kung Pao' with marinated chicken, veggies, and siratcha sauces or the 'Pork Luau with pork, pepperjack and a homemade Hawaiian relish.

Word of Mouth

As we were leaving I asked the owner, who makes all of the panini's, how long they had been in business. He smiled and said "Oh, about 2 years" 'TWO YEARS!" I exclaimed with the thought that I knew just about everything that goes on in Cowtown. "Yeah, it's a word of mouth thing- we don't advertise so that we can have the freshest ingredients and the best food'....I couldn't have said it any better myself.


  • Wraps panini grilled to perfection.
  • Fresh and healthy ingredients.
  • Family owned joint.


  • A Little Heavy on the Noodles and Rice.
  • When they say spicy, they mean SPICY!!!
  • Location: 6269 North Oak Trfy, KCMO 64118.
  • Hours: M-F 11a-8p. Sat 11a-7p. Closed Sunday.
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