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Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Restaurant

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Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Restaurant

Bryant's Original Location, 18th and Brooklyn

Photo: Mary Anne McNeish-Sharp

The Bottom Line

When Arthur Bryant, the self-proclaimed “King of Ribs,” took over the family business he swore that he would make his sauce “so good you can put it on bread and eat it” he had no idea what legendary status his 18th and Brooklyn restaurant was about to become.


  • One of the oldest and most famous BBQ spots in Kansas City.
  • Savory sauce and huge portions.
  • Three great locations around town.


  • Original location isn't in the greatest neighborhood.


  • Locations: 1727 Brooklyn Ave, 1702 Village West Parkway (KCK), 3200 Ameristar Drive (Ameristar)
  • Order Carry Out: 816.231.1123 (Downtown), 913.788.7500 (KCK), and 816.414.7474 (Ameristar)
  • Hours: Open Monday-Saturday 10am-10pm, Sunday 10am-8pm

Guide Review - Arthur Bryant's Barbeque Restaurant

With everyone from Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton, to Robert Redford and your common Kansas Citian stopping in to enjoy the savory ‘que, Cowtown is proud to call Arthur Bryant’s one of their own. This barbeque is so tasty that Playboy columnist Calvin Trillin coined Bryant’s as the “Best Restaurant in the World”, and it quite possibly is.

Bryant’s barbeque hasn’t changed much since he perfected his renowned sauce in the 1930’s—millions have enjoyed the massive portions that are slow-smoked with a combination of hickory and oak woods. Then they splash the meat of your choosing with Bryant’s Original or their Rich & Spicy sauces. Having a hard time deciding which one? You pretty much can’t go wrong either way, Bryant’s is truly barbeque perfection.

Although the menu is no-frills, the barbeque is anything but. The Pork Sandwich ($7.65, $9.00) is a crowd favorite, with a heaping portion of meat and ample sauce—and if you want extra, there is a handy supply right on the table. Order with fries and you will have enough to take home with you. The combo is a nice choice for those of us who can’t choose just one ($8.75, $10.10), be sure and try the burnt ends and short ribs. They are Bryant’s must-haves. If ribs are what you are craving—the whole slab of pork ribs ($16.95) are melt in your mouth delicious. Bryant’s also offers an array of sides, including baked beans and slaw, but they serve such massive amounts of barbeque, I don’t think many ever make it that far.

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