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BB's Lawnside Barbeque

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BB's Lawnside Barbeque

BB's Famous Sign

Photo: Lindsay Shannon

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for all that Kansas City has to offer, be sure and head to B.B.’s Lawnside Barbeque where owner Lindsay Shannon gives restaurant goers a triple threat of great barbeque, live blues, and a terrific time.


  • Great mix of BBQ, Blues and beer.
  • Live music played every night.
  • Meat is smoked for 10 hours to make it melt in your mouth!


  • The music is so great you might forget you went there for BBQ!


  • Location: 1205 E 85th St. Kansas City, MO 64131
  • For Carry Out or Info: 816-8BB-RIBS (822-7427)
  • Hours: Open Everyday 11am-till ????

Guide Review - BB's Lawnside Barbeque

Besides BB’s super friendly atmosphere and laid back crowd, the hickory smoked ribs are some of the best Kansas City has to offer. With a granite BBQ pit that dates back to the 1950’s, all of B.B.'s briskets, ribs, and meats are smoked for over 10 hours to deliver some serious BBQ packed with amazing flavor. For appetizers, you can’t go wrong with BB’s Slow Smoked Chicken Wings draped in their mouthwatering Famous Louisiana Sauce (large $7.95). But for the main course, don’t miss BB’s infamous Short End Dinner (includes one side, $9.95), or the house fave, the Smokey Jo’s Gumbo (bowl with a roll, $6.25), a spicy dish that is overflowing with smoked chicken and sausage.

And if that’s not enough, B.B.’s serves up a great mix of Blues and Jazz every night that will have you getting up out of your seat and dancing with the restaurant regulars. Check the website for band info and times.

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