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Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque

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Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque

Danny Edward's--the origional perfect lunch spot.

Photo: Mary Anne McNeish-Sharp

The Bottom Line

Indeed the name says it all—this is the kind of barbeque that put Kansas City smokehouses on the map. The son of legendary Kansas City BBQ master Jake Edwards, Danny has transformed his former 18 seat Grand Boulevard joint into one of the most sought after for BBQ fare among locals and visitors alike.


  • Unbeatable Texas style sauce.
  • Biggest brisket sandwich in town.


  • Only open for lunch, Monday through Saturday, 11-3pm


  • Location: 2900 SW Boulevard
  • Hours: Monday through Saturday, 11-3pm
  • For Carry Out: Call 816.283.0800

Guide Review - Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque

Please note: Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque has moved from downtown to 2900 SW Boulevard, near Ponack's. While Edward's houses more than 18 seats these days, his BBQ still packs a punch.

Around noon, the downtown work crowd pours in by the masses to eat at this infamous BBQ haunt that is a taste of smokehouse heaven. Edward’s ‘que is a tough one to beat—he dry rubs his ribs in a secret spice mixture before smoking them out back for about eight hours. As you walk through the door, the smell of his sweet and spicy Texas-style sauce is enough to make your mouth water.

The lunch going crowd raves about the thickly sliced, hickory-smoked brisket sandwich in which Edwards himself hand-slices the brisket (he smokes over 200 pounds of brisket everyday!), piles it on a toasted bun, and loads it with special sauce. He then wraps it in butcher paper to be eaten right on the spot. Be sure not to overlook the ribs or the burnt ends either—they are just as delicious. Not in the mood for meat? Danny serves up a great tasting grilled chicken sandwich as well.

French fry and onion ring lovers beware--Edward’s doesn’t have a deep fryer, but offers diners plenty of scrumptious sides. From coleslaw and pasta salad to smoky baked beans, one taste and you will be heading to Danny Edward’s for lunch on a regular basis.

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