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Tasso's Greek Restaurant

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Tasso's Greek Restaurant

Get in on the Action at Tasso's Greek Restaurant

Photo: Megan Belcher

The Bottom Line

If you want a quiet romantic evening out with your significant other—Tasso’s Greek Restaurant is probably not the place in Kansas City to go. However, if you’re in the mood for authentic Greek fare, a great atmosphere, and want to feel like you’re in the middle of “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”—Tasso’s is surely your destination.


  • Great Greek Food, Great Price (entree $10-$25).
  • Fun atmosphere with live music and belly dancing!
  • Perfect for large groups and special occasions (birthdays/bach parties).


  • Not good for a quiet, romantic evening.....
  • Watch out for that ouzo!


  • Location: 8411 Wornall, Kansas City, Mo. 64114
  • For Reservations: 816.363.4776
  • Just a Tip: On Friday and Saturday, get there around 7:45, enough time to eat and watch the show.

Guide Review - Tasso's Greek Restaurant

Stepping into Tasso’s, you know from the start that it has great time written all over it. With huge columns and the Greek flags flying, you start to get a feeling you’re somewhere in Greece. If we know anything about the Greek culture, they undoubtedly love to have fun—and with the wait staff and restaurant goers yelling “Opa!” on a semi-regular basis, you know a good time is to be had by all.

The weekends are the best time to be at Tasso’s—at around 9:30 pm on Friday and Saturday, resident belly dancer Zarina contorts her stomach muscles as restaurant goers gaze in amazement. They’ve also got a live guitar playing everything from authentic Grecian tunes to drunken renditions of “Sweet Caroline”, and a very unusual man with a dancing beard. Yes, I said dancing beard. If that’s not enough, they get the whole restaurant in on the fun—she grabs a group of men and tries to teach them to belly dance and then coaxes a group of girls for a belly dance-off. You can even break a plate or two for good luck.

Lets not forget that Tasso's has some of the best Greek food in town. The Flaming Cheese is a great start. For entrees, The Greek Combo gives a huge sampling of gyro, pastitsio, and mousaka which are all delicious, and the gyro platter is perfect. The chicken kabob is the house fave, while Tasso’s serves up a tender KC strip and pork chop for less adventurous types.

So drink some ouzo, break some plates and head to Tasso’s—you’ll be glad you did….“Opa!”

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