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Top 5 Kansas City Barbeque Restaurants


When it comes to Kansas City, barbeque is one thing we do better than everyone else. With our rich traditions of dry rubbed meats cooked to perfection and covered with our spicy sauces, it truly is what made Kansas City "The Home of Barbeque". Kansas City brings it all together with more than 100 barbecue joints, from itty bitty eateries to nothing-but-barbecue restaurants, we've got it all. Here's the Top 5 Picks of Kansas City.

1. Jack Stack Barbeque

Plate of barbecued foods
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You know one thing is for sure when you walk into Fiorella’s Jack Stack BBQ restaurant in the Freighthouse District, this isn't your typical down home barbeque joint. With its beautiful oak bar, chic patio, and melt in your mouth barbeque, this is the most sophisticated sauce house this city has ever seen.

2. Oklahoma Joe's Barbeque

It might be in a gas station, but don't let that fool you-Oklahoma Joe's has some of the best barbeque in Kansas City. Their ribs practically fall off the bone, making it a Kansas City Top Pick.

3. BB's Lawnside Barbeque

BB's does it best, bringing you barbeque and live Blues every night of the week. Owner Lindsay Shannon's wings are definitely the best in town. With meat slow cooked in a 50 year old granite pit, there is nothing better than BB's.

4. Arthur Bryant's Barbeque

The oldest and most famous of all barbeque joints in town, Arthur Bryant's put Kansas City BBQ on the map. With their legendary sauce that is so good you can "put it on bread and eat it", a trip to Bryant's will definitely show why it's a Kansas City Top Pick.

5. Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque

While it used to be the smallest restaurant in the metro, Danny Edward's Famous Barbeque packs a lot of punch. See why it's one of the best places to eat downtown for lunch.

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