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Kansas City Chiefs Tailgate Recipes


Kansas City Chiefs Tailgating:

Voted year after year as the best tailgating city in the Universe, Kansas City Chief fans do tailgating better than anyone. Check out these food and drink recipes that will guarantee a great start to your day at Arrowhead and an awesome tailgate.

Touchdown Mimosa :

Nothing gets a tailgate at Arrowhead going better than a KC Touchdown Mimosa. It's one of the few drinks you can drink at 7 am without being a complete alcoholic. ;-)

Touchdown Mimosa Recipe

KC Chiefs Tailgate Breakfast Casserole :

I don't know about you, but the idea of BBQ at 7 in the morning before a football game isn't exactly my cup of tea. Instead, make this delicious Tailgate Breakfast Casserole the night before, throw it in the fridge overnight and bake it 30 minutes before you leave.

KC Chiefs Tailgate Breakfast Casserole Recipe

KC Chiefs Famous Bloody Mary :

If champange and beer aren't your thing--try this famed bloody Mary recipe, a perfect kickoff to any tailgating festivites.

KC Chiefs Famous Bloody Mary Recipe

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