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First Friday December 2006


Updated November 29, 2006
Head to these great events for December 2006's First Friday.
  • 'David McCullough, Is That Jazz? ' in the Main Gallery,
    Luke Firle, New Paintings Opie Gallery,
    Constant Albertson, Ceramic Sculptures Back Room Gallery
    Leedy-Voulkos Art Center, 2012 Baltimore, 6-9pm.

  • Dan Burkholder, 'Shadows of Lives and Loss: Decaying Memories Along the Gulf Coast', Digital Labrador, 2130 Washington, 816.841.9624

  • 'Leslie Lerner, My Life in France, 1990-2005 ', Byron C. Cohen Gallery for Contemporary Art, 2020 Baltimore Avenue, 816.421.5665. .

  • Chameleon Youth Arts, Radisson Hotel Suites City Center, 1301 Wyandotte (with free shuttle to the Crossroads), 5-9pm.

  • 'Group Exhibit: Back to the Future' Pi Gallery, 419 E 18th Street, 6-9pm.

  • 'Paul Flinders, Nightsongs for Daytime' , Crossroads Dentistry, 1819 Wyandotte, 816.841.0206 6-9pm.

  • 'All About the Ladies: Kathleen Anderson, Doreen Haan, Sheila Jewell, and Gloria Shanahan', Grand Gallery and Cafe, 1815 Grand, 6-9pm.

  • Motuv Begins Here Arts Incubator, 115 West 18th Street, 816.421.2292, 7-11 PM.

  • Jason Arend and Amber Drysdale, 'Creative Deviance' Arts Incubator, 115 West 18th Street, 816.421.2292. 7-11pm. **

  • The Second Annual UMKC Student Art Exhibit No. 8 Gallery, 1600 Locust, 816.283.0877. 6-9pm.

  • 'On the Hook, Off the Wall' KCAI Crossroads Gallery, 1908 Main, 816.802.3423

  • Shawn Sanem 1810 Gallery, 1810 Cherry Street, 816.842.6996. 6-9 pm.

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