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Coterie Theatre


Coterie Theatre

The Coterie's 2006 Spring Production--Ferdinand the Bull.

Photo Courtesy of the Coterie Theatre

History of the Coterie:

The Coterie Theater was founded in 1979 by Judith Yeckel and Vicky Lee as a professional theater for youth and family audiences. Both were determined to bring a classic and contemporary theatre going experience that would reach audiences of young and old alike. They envisioned a "multigenerational" theater--a place where parents could bring their young children and be captivated and moved as much as the the intrigued and amazed theater goer sitting next to them.

The Coterie Today :

Yeckel and Lee's original vision still lives on and is seen throughout the works performed at the Coterie today. Named one of the "Five Best Theatres in the Nation for Young Audiences" by Time Magazine it is also the winner of the distinguished 2004 Missouri Arts Award. The Coterie Theatre's mission still holds true--it opens the lines of communication between races, sexes and generations.

Season and Productions:

The Coterie Season consists of 6 full productions. Three are suited for older children (think junior high and older) and adults, while the other three are geared for younger audience and families.


The Coterie Theatre is located on the ground floor of the Crown Center Shops (2450 Grand Blvd), in the midst of the restaurants and places to eat. The Coterie provides theater goers with more detailed directions.

Noted Works:

The Coterie Theatre has World, American, and Commissioned Premiers that enhance a theater going experience and allow children to fully appreciate theatre. The Coterie was awarded the Lila Wallace Reader's Digest Award for its production of "Alice in Wonder Tierra"-which focused on the Latino community. It also had the 1st stage mounting of "Green Eggs and Ham, the Opera" which was loved by all... both big and small!

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